Mental Health Minnesota Resource Library

Mental Health Minnesota has a number of downloadable resources available, including information about our programs, tools and resources for mental health and wellness, common mental health concerns, student mental health and more.

Mental Health Minnesota Program Information

Image of flyer promoting screening
Image of Helpline Flyer
Image of Warmline service flyer

Tools 2 Thrive: Tips and Resources

Connecting with Others Flyer Image
Creating Healthy routines flyer image
eliminating toxic influences flyer image
owning your feelings flyer image
finding the positive after loss flyer image
supporting others flyer image
accepting reality flyer image
adapting after trauma and stress flyer image
dealing with anger and frustration flyer image
getting out of thinking traps flyer image
processing big changes flyer image
taking time for yourself flyer image

Tools 2 Thrive: Worksheets

what's underneath worksheet image
looking for good worksheet image
detoxing your life flyer image
practicing radical acceptance flyer image
processing trauma and stress flyer image
managing frustration and anger flyer image
dealing with the worst-case scenario flyer image
dealing with change flyer image
prioritizing self-care flyer image
planning your routine worksheet image
starting a conversation worksheet image

The Mind-Body Connection: Tips and Resources

stress flyer image
sleep flyer image
exercise flyer image
diet and nutrition flyer image
gut-brain connection flyer image

The Mind-Body Connection: Worksheets

stress worksheet image
sleep worksheet image
exercise worksheet image
Diet and nutrition worksheet image