Dan’s Story

By: Dan

I never suffered from any issues relating to mental health. I always considered myself “normal.” I suffered a head injury at work that seemingly unlocked severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. I had never dealt with these symptoms before and I was convinced that being a football coach, power-lifter, and a man, there were things I could simply suppress.

These new feelings led to me being hospitalized after an attempt to take my life. All of these things stemmed from my injury, but I continued to fight the idea that they were even happening.

It was only after I accepted the fact that I was indeed having mental health issues and I truly needed help, that I could not simply ‘man up’ and get through these symptoms, that I even accepted help.

I am a teacher. I believe my experience could help others, especially men understand that mental health issues could be happening to them, and seeking out help is okay.