Frank’s Story

By: Frank D.

My name is Frank D. and I’m from Hutchinson Minnesota. In 1985, I was diagnosed with Bipolar and live with it each and every day.  I used to feel alone and growing up in a small community I felt very ashamed of having a severe and persistent mental illness.

Before my journey of recovery, I found myself changing jobs often. Despite having lots of friends, no one could see what was going on inside me. I was addicted to many street drugs and alcohol trying to find something that would make my indifference disappear. When I was first diagnosed my doctor told my mother that I would not be getting back out of the hospital, that I was too far gone.

With a mother that never gave up, help from good doctors, therapist, staff, family and friends, I was able to achieve things I would have never thought possible. Learning more about my condition and trying to improve my coping skills did not come easy, yet they did come.  I have had much success in becoming a person of faith and also being able to help myself by being in positions helping others who are suffering from mental health conditions such as mine.

My words of testimony are:

Never Lose Hope;
Never Quit Caring; and
Believe In Yourself.