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Who We Are

Our Mission

Mental Health Minnesota is the voice of lived mental health experience.
We carry that declaration forward as we work to advance mental health and well-being for all, increase access to mental health treatment and services, and provide education, resources and support across Minnesota.
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Our Vision

Our vision is a world free from stigma that improves mental health and well-being for all.
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Our Values

Representation and Engagement of Lived Experience
We are the voice of lived mental health experience in Minnesota, and engage people with lived experience in every facet of our work.
Compassion and Empowerment
We hold empathy and compassion for those living with mental health conditions, and provide education, resources and support to people as they work to take care of their mental health.
Equity and Inclusivity
We ensure inclusivity of all people in our work, are committed to health equity, and work to increase access to high-quality treatment and support for all.
Innovation and Collaboration
We seek opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, as well as new and innovative approaches to continuously improve the services and support we provide.
Commitment to a Proactive Approach to Mental Health
As an affiliate of Mental Health America, we are committed to a #B4Stage4 approach to mental health, including prevention, screenings, and early treatment, care and support.
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