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Mental Health Minnesota Resource Library

Mental Health Minnesota has a number of downloadable resources available, including information about our programs, tools and resources for mental health and wellness, common mental health concerns, student mental health, annual mental health month materials and more.

2024  Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Materials

July is Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to highlight the unique strengths and challenges faced by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in relation to mental health. Named in honor of Bebe Moore Campbell, a journalist, teacher, author, and mental health advocate, this month is dedicated to continuing her legacy by focusing on the mental health needs and experiences of BIPOC communities.

Fear of judgment, cultural beliefs, generational differences, and lack of access to resources often prevent people of color from addressing struggles openly and seeking the help they need. To overcome these barriers, it is essential to foster open and honest conversations about mental health. Breaking the silence is a crucial step toward healing and prioritizing mental wellness.

This July, we encourage everyone to take steps towards improving mental health in BIPOC communities. To support these efforts, Mental Health America has created a free BIPOC Mental Health Toolkit. The toolkit contains handouts, outreach ideas, social media assets, and other resources to help combat stigma, break down myths, and encourage conversations about mental health.

By sharing stories, listening to others, and supporting one another, we can create a more inclusive and understanding environment where mental health is prioritized for everyone. Let’s work together to promote mental health awareness in all BIPOC communities.

For more information, explore the BIPOC Mental Health Toolkit provided by Mental Health America below:

BIPOC Mental Health Myth-Busting PDF link
Breaking Down Mental Health Stigma in BIPOC Communities PDF link
Sharing Generational Wisdom PDF link
The Legacy of Bebe Moore Campbell PDF link
BIPOC Resources from Mental Health America PDF link
Worksheet: How to Cope When Your Community is Under Attack PDF link

Descarga en Español: Kit De Herramientas De Salud Mental BIPOC De 2024

2024 Mental Health Month Materials

This year’s theme for Mental Health Month is “Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World.”

As our theme states, the world is constantly changing and it can feel like we’re under more and more pressure every day. It becomes even harder when you think you might be experiencing the signs and symptoms of a mental health condition, and it can be hard to know “where to start” when these things begin affecting our everyday lives. Check out the following resources from our affiliate Mental Health America to learn more about where to start when it comes to talking about our mental health!

2024 Mental Health Month Calendar
Poster with instructions for a PATH to Calm

2023 Mental Health Month Materials

May is Mental Health Month! In 2023, we encourage you to “Look Around, Look Within” as you consider how your environment impacts your mental health. Check out the 2023 Mental Health Month materials to learn more and look at ways you can make changes in your environment to improve your mental health. And use our May 2023 calendar to do one thing every day to improve your mental health!

Mental Health Condition Informational Flyers

Learn more about depression
Learn more about anxiety
Learn more about bipolar
Learn more about eating disorders
Learn more about postpartum depression
Learn more about PTSD
Learn more about psychotic disorders
Learn more about substance use disorders
Learn more about schizophrenia
Learn more about ADHD

Mental Health Minnesota Program Information

Image of flyer promoting screening
Image of Helpline Flyer
Image of Warmline service flyer

The Basics of Mental Health: Tips and Resources

Starting to Think About Mental Health

Tools 2 Thrive: Tips and Resources

Connecting with Others Flyer Image
Creating Healthy routines flyer image
eliminating toxic influences flyer image
owning your feelings flyer image
finding the positive after loss flyer image
supporting others flyer image
accepting reality flyer image
adapting after trauma and stress flyer image
dealing with anger and frustration flyer image
getting out of thinking traps flyer image
processing big changes flyer image
taking time for yourself flyer image

Tools 2 Thrive: Worksheets

what's underneath worksheet image
looking for good worksheet image
detoxing your life flyer image
practicing radical acceptance flyer image
processing trauma and stress flyer image
managing frustration and anger flyer image
dealing with the worst-case scenario flyer image
dealing with change flyer image
prioritizing self-care flyer image
planning your routine worksheet image
starting a conversation worksheet image

The Mind-Body Connection: Tips and Resources

stress flyer image
sleep flyer image
exercise flyer image
diet and nutrition flyer image
gut-brain connection flyer image

The Mind-Body Connection: Worksheets

stress worksheet image
sleep worksheet image
exercise worksheet image
Diet and nutrition worksheet image