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Minnesota Warmline

Looking for support? Need to talk?

If you’re struggling with your mental health but aren’t experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, reach out to the Minnesota Warmline.

Open Seven Days a Week, 9 AM to 9 PM

The Minnesota Warmline takes more than 15,000 calls per year from across the state, and provides support and connection with others. For many people, the Warmline is an important tool that helps them before they reach a point of crisis and supports their mental health.

The Minnesota Warmline provides peer support and a connection with others. For many people, the Warmline is an important tool that helps them avoid mental health crisis and use of crisis services, 911 and hospital emergency departments. Calls are answered by peer support staff who have first-hand experience living with a mental health condition and are available to listen to you, provide support, and connect you with resources. And if you’re in need of more help, we can directly connect you to the nearest crisis services.

Are you a provider seeking resources to give to others?

Download our poster below and print it out at home, or request our free, business-card size promotional cards in the form below.

Warmline Promotional Card Request Form

Mental Health Minnesota Mental Heath Minnesota has designed downloadable posters that can be put up in high-traffic areas to promote the Minnesota Warmline service, as well as free, small, business-card size flyers that can be easily shared with those who could benefit from this service. To download and print a poster (letter-size, 8.5x11), click on the poster image above. Our free promotional cards come in packages of 125, 250 or 500, and can be shipped to you. To order cards, please complete the following form.

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