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Tools and Resources

Mental Health Minnesota has tools and resources to help you learn about mental health conditions, stay well and prioritize and manage your mental health, including interactive tools, worksheets, recommended apps and more.

Learn About Common Mental Health Conditions

About 1 in 5 American adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition.

While the prevalence of mental health conditions is high, mental health conditions are very treatable with many people living active, productive, and healthy lives. Learn about these common mental health conditions, their symptoms, treatment options, and latest research. You can also take a free and anonymous online mental health screening to check on your mental health.

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Build Your Own Safety Plan

A safety plan is a list of coping strategies and sources of support. 

A safety plan can help you to identify and understand what leads to a mental health crisis or thoughts of suicide for you, and how to feel better when you have these thoughts.

Safety plans work best when they are based on your personal experience and preferences. By answering just seven questions, you can create your own personalized safety plan on our website. You can then download it on a computer or mobile device or email a copy of it to yourself or someone in your life.

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Build Your Own Wellness Plan

A mental health wellness plan helps you think through what creates stress for you, how to shift your focus and cope with difficult situations, and how to take care of your mental health overall. 

It’s not a day to day guide. Instead, it encourages you to think differently about your life day to day to address stress and maintain balance and positive mental health. You can then download it on a computer or mobile device or email a copy of it to yourself or someone in your life.


Online Resource Library

Visit our online resource library, where you’ll find tools and worksheets to support your mental health and wellness, information about mental health and common mental health conditions, on-demand videos and trainings, research and reports, resources for schools and workplaces, and much more!

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There’s an app for that.

There are many apps for smartphones and tablets that can help people manage their mental health, get support, find resources and even get help in a crisis. But where do you start?

Our staff and volunteers are sharing the apps that have helped them with you. have used or recommended. They can be used as one more tool for wellness, recovery and maintaining positive mental health.

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