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Workplace Mental Health

Employers that prioritize mental health can see the positive impact it has on employee retention, engagement and health care costs.

Mental Health Minnesota can help.

Presentations and Workshops

We provide presentations and workshops on a variety of mental health topics to promote mental health, resilience, stress management, suicide prevention and more, delivered both in-person and online. We can also tailor presentations to meet the needs of your company and employees.

Toolkits for Employers

We have toolkits and resources available that can help employers share information about mental health, support employees with mental health conditions, and cultivate an environment that fosters positive mental health.

Promotional Materials

We can help employers promote mental health throughout the year with themed posters, materials and social media content, including Mental Health Month every May. We can even co-brand materials with your company logo.

Gathering Employee Feedback About Mental Health

Mental Health Minnesota can work with you to anonymously survey your employees about mental health to help you better understand what barriers to care exist, as well as what additional resources or support could be helpful. We use standard questions for our surveys, but can work with you to include additional questions if you’d like feedback about a specific program or initiative.

Assistance in Building a Mental Health Employee Resource Group

Creating a Mental Health Employee Resource Group gives employees who care about mental health the opportunity to help identify and address employee concerns, provide feedback on how employee mental health can be supported and promote mental health awareness and resources. We can help your workplace get started, or we can help support the work of a group you already have!

Support and Resources for Your Employees

In addition to the opportunities we provide through our workplace mental health program, we also have free and anonymous services that are always available to your employees anytime.

Even if you offer great health insurance and an Employee Assistance Program, employees who are struggling with their mental health may still be reluctant to come forward to ask for help. We provide online mental health screenings, referrals to treatment and services, and peer support via phone, text or online chat. All services are anonymous, confidential, and free of charge to anyone in Minnesota.

We also have downloadable resources for your employees, including information about common mental health conditions, apps and tools help manage stress, anxiety and depression, interactive planning tools to build personalized wellness and safety plans, and much more.

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