Share Your Story

Mental Health Minnesota invites you to share your story. We want to hear your voice!

Once you submit your story, it will be sent to Mental Health Minnesota, and we will share it only with your permission.

Need help getting started?

Mental Health Minnesota has put together a few questions that may help you to getting started on writing your recovery story:

  1. What events/warning signs lead to your diagnosis?
  2. What were your first steps toward recovery? What resources did you use?
  3. What support did you (or did you not) receive from family, friends, work, etc.?
  4. What were the major challenges/barriers that you faced in your mental health recovery?
  5. How is where you are now different from where you started?
  6. What is your hope for the future? What does recovery mean to you?
  7. What would you say to someone who is facing some of the same difficulties you had in the past?

One in every five people in the U.S. has experienced a mental health concern, and 1 in 17 people are diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

This is why your voice matters! We want to hear your story to share hope, recovery and wellness across the state of Minnesota.

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