Are you or do you know someone taking clozapine?

CVS CarePlus conducted many of the blood draws required when a person is taking clozapine.  On June 1, 2010 the company ended this service and those individuals using CVS CarePlus must find an alternative for the required blood draw.

There are several options available that can result in connecting with a provider that can conduct the necessary blood draws:

  • Speak with your psychiatrist or prescriber and make sure that they are aware that the blood draw is no longer available through CVS CarePlus.  Your prescriber should be able to direct you to an alternative provider.
  • Contact your primary care clinic and set up appointments for the necessary blood draws.
  • An appointment could be made with an independent lab in your area.
  • Contact a home care agency that has the capacity to do in-home blood draws.
  • Contact a pharmacy that has the capacity to do the blood draws.

Without the blood draws, people will not be able to obtain refills on clozapine, so the blood draws are critical.  If a person is not able to find an alternative provider for the blood draws, the advocacy program at the Mental Health Association of MN would assist the person in finding a workable solution.