Mental Health Association of Minnesota Gets A Facelift

Welcome to our new website!

We have spent the past few months developing a new identity and interface for our mental health resources & service offerings.  We have implemented new colors in unison with our updated logo design.  While our core services haven’t changed, our goal is to keep you more informed as to action that may impact your life.

As we work on keeping our web content current so you can be fully and accurately informed, we also want you to participate with others around Minnesota.  As we went around the state with our 2008 Community Forums, we heard from many people about feeling isolated.  A request for a manner to talk with other people led to the development of myMHAM, or new online community that provides access to a mental health Discussion Board.

The intent with the Discussion Board is to allow people to share information, ask questions and share stories of recovery.  While having a Discussion Board is new and exciting to us, we anticipate many people will benefit from it.  To make it a success, we need your help to acheive its’ goal.  Please be respectful of others, don’t use profanity or other inappropriate words, and don’t instigate actions that may cause harm to others.  We will have moderators watching and taking action when necessary.

Establishing a myMHAM account gives your access to the Discussion Board and grants you options for our organization to communicate with you, including email newsletters, quarterly mails and blog updates.

We will also be hosting our new blog page to provide updated information on decisions made in regard to services, provide the latest scientific based studies,  promote activities and events of interest, and keep you updated on legislative action, health care updates, and wellness information.

We hope you find our new website useful and that you choose to participate with us.