“This is Important!”

All session long, we’ve been talking about connecting with your legislators and telling them what matters to Minnesotans with mental illnesses.  We always need to try to stay visible when so many different things are competing for their attention.  But the “off season” is a great time to connect and really lay the groundwork that helps them understand why mental health matters.

This fall and winter, the Mental Health Legislative Network will be hosting or facilitating meetings where we can tell our stories, explain what really helps, and why service cuts have been so devastating.

To be connected with a town hall or house meeting in your area, contact us.  If there isn’t one scheduled, maybe you’d think about helping us get one started?  We have materials and support; but we need a constituent to call up their legislators to say, “This is important, and I think you should come hear more about it!”

To find out more, visit our legislative update this week.