Stress and Your Health

By Ed Eide

Last evening Dr. Ron Groat shared information in regard to the stress most of us live with.  It was very interesting from many perspectives.  The key being stress is simply change.  However, with all of the changes the body goes through it can lead to other health issues.

He provided some coping ideas he referred to as the Three Strategies of Managing Angst:

       1.  Maintain the illusion of control:  We ned to distract ourselves, find diversions and forget.  If we can give control to someone we trust, we can be more more likely to maintain our health.
       2.  Be resilient:   Stay healthy.  An eighty percent decrease in diabetes and other chronic illnesses can occur if people follow four life style changes:  don’t smoke, avoid obesity, eat healthy, and exercise.
        3.  Adaptability:  Are we able to absorb new information, or are we stuck with our old opinions?  Can we allow for a change of opinion?

Many of us are living with various fears right now.  Dealing with these fears create angst which can lead to other illnesses.  Here is a link to a Harvard Study which can provide additional information.