Who Feels the Impact?

Are you feeling the impact of the state government shutdown yet?  If you care about accessible mental health service, the chances are you have.  Not not everyone is equally affected.

As the shutdown drags on, however, the number of people impacted is going to expand greatly. Construction projects are stalled, some restaurants can’t restock because their liquor license has expired.  Racetracks and state parks are closed.  Resorts are losing business, because fishing permits are on hold.  Lottery tickets can’t be purchased in MN.

While the ability to enjoy many of these recreational opportunities will not be “critical” as defined by Judge Gearin’s rulings, they are the kinds of things lots of folks notice.  We hope that people will take their frustration about these things and join the chorus: find a budget compromise, as free as possible from divisive policy issues, and get the state back to work.

We all play a role in creating the voice of the people.  Not everyone uses every service the state provides.  You might notice a different impact of the shutdown than what others do.  So speak out, and make sure your priorities are heard.  We need to make sure that we are reminding our elected officials that we expect the state to continue to fund programs and services that help make recovery a possibility for all Minnesotans with mental illnesses.

For more detail, please see our weekly update.