No Closer to a Budget

It strongly appears that we are no closer to an approved budget, despite getting one week closer to the final deadline before a government shutdown. This week’s update has more details on what some of the court filings have been and the issues that remain.

We are encouraging anyone who can to join us on Tuesday evening for a candlelit vigil on the steps of the State Capitol Building.  We’ll be there with other groups in the Mental Health Legislative Network, reminding policymakers of the impact of both the cuts that are proposed as well as the interruption of a shutdown.  For more information, you can check out the event here.

This morning, Judge Kathleen Gearin made initial rulings on some of the petitions before the courts.  She dismissed arguments from both sides, refusing to appoint a mediator as Dayton had asked, but also declining to order a special session of the legislature.  She pointedly reminded both sides of their ability to solve these issues and spoke of her concern of the potential impact of a shutdown.