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Primary Care Provider Resources

Supporting Primary Care Providers

More than 70% of people with mental health conditions are treated by their primary care providers. We know as a primary care provider your time is limited and finding the right support for your patient can be challenging.

Mental Health Minnesota is here to help.

What We Do

Mental Health Minnesota provides a number of services for you and your patients:

Peer support available 7 days a week

Treatment and program referrals

Online mental health screenings available 24/7

Variety of interactive tools and resources

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We Provide Information

Patients can learn about a variety of mental health conditions and access free interactive tools and resources such as downloadable safety plans, wellness plans, worksheets, recommended apps, and more.

We Educate

We provide continuing education for providers to learn how to best help their patients with mental health conditions.

We also offer presentations and workshops to increase mental health awareness and understanding in communities. Whether it be in government agencies, schools, or hospitals, we want everyone to know that mental health matters.

We Care

You care for others, but it is important to care about you.

You can use all these services and resources too. Taking care of your own mental health, will help you take care of others.

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