2/24 Legislative Update

Discussion of the Governor’s budget continued this week, and we have seen increasing talk about efficacy of services at the capitol.  For the full update, please see our website here.

As this discussion moves forward, we think that’s it’s critical that every Minnesotan knows where their legislators stand.  We think it would be good for legislators to start identifying the total budget plans that they support.  We know there will be change and compromise, but we need to see the whole picture, especially from the majority leadership in the House and Senate.  Up until now, the GOP has pushed smaller bills that deal with a percent of the total shortfall.  Now’s the time for everyone put their priorities on record so we can start real negotiations.

A few questions you might ask:

  • Which comprehensive plan to balance the budget do you support?
  • What changes would that plan make to the Health and Human Services budget and mental health services?
  • Will changes or reductions you support result in increased costs for counties or individuals?