MHAM reacts to Gov. Dayton’s Budget

Gov. Mark Dayton has released his proposed budget for the state.  It is, as promised, a mix of cuts and revenue increases.  He explains that he is “not willing to make barbaric cuts in the essential services that affect peoples lives.”  We are greatly encouraged to see recognition from the Governor that we are not talking about mere numbers, we are making choices about real people.  However, reaction from the Legislature has been swift and harsh. This is an opening move, not a final bill.

Despite putting forward several bills that would cut spending, there has not been an official GOP budget plan that closes the entire gap.  We agree with Dayton’s veto message on HF 130: piecemeal solutions will not work for a problem this big.  We must intentionally and deliberately solve this problem. not leave the dirty work for later.  We would hope that all legislators would propose or officially endorse a plan for balancing the entire budget so their priorities are made clear and the people can speak their mind.

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